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About Us

What is Printsoa?

Printsoa is a family-run, start-up business, that focuses on home decor. We promote and sell unique quality original wall art that is created by our team of amateur artists from all over the world. 

Printsoa offers a channel for the amateur artists to share their art with customers without losing the connection to the original pieces. Each drawing or photograph represents a special memory. Printsoa's art brings joy to its creators & we want to share this joy with all of you. 

At Printsoa we follow a process to hand select the artists, as well as the art pieces that we agree to offer to our customers. We make sure that the art pieces are created by the artists' personal motivation to express their views, emotions, and opinions.

Our Mission

Printsoa, share a memory 💫

At Printsoa we strive to share the story of each art piece we offer with our customers. We want our customers to connect to the art work, and the artists. We believe by creating this connection our customers will enjoy our pieces for years and years to come. 

Meet Our Team

Karim Abdelhamid - Cofounder

Karim graduated from the University of South Florida in December, 2017 with a Mechanical Engineering Degree. Karim enjoys problem solving, challenges, and implementing process and best practices to his work. Karim's hobbies are: horse-back riding, and going to the beach with his wife & friends all year long!

Danielle Abdelhamid - Cofounder


Danielle graduated with a Hospitality Management Degree from Purdue University (Go Boilers!). On a professional level, Danielle has a passion for training and helping others develop. On a personal level, Danielle enjoys hiking, watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix, and de-stressing at the gym. In Danielle's spare time, she also enjoys drawing and cuddling on the couch with her husband...and don't forget a glass of red wine!